In Conversation with Chantelle Westwood From Thankyou.

Natalie Dean-Weymark


January 16, 2024

This journal article is taken from Episode 1 of Compass Studio’s podcast series “In Conversation”, hosted by Co-Founder and Co-Director Natalie Dean-Weymark.

Chantelle Westwood is the Marketing Manager of Thankyou, a social enterprise that exists in the hope of seeing a world where not one person lives in extreme poverty. They now have a range of over 35 products ranging from personal care, home cleaning and baby care, and they have raised and given more than 18 million to their impact partners to date.

Q: Tell me about your favourite campaign that you've worked on and why it's your favourite?

A: My favourite has to be our recent campaign, ‘Thankyou Reimagined’. The ideas and concepts for this campaign can be traced back to our last major campaign, ‘No Small Plan’ campaign during the pandemic, where we had our most successful year, giving over $10M to amplifying impactful change-makers. Thankyou Reimagined marked a transition for us. We reimagined everything—products and how we made them, team and how we structured it, our business model, but most importantly, the future and how we thought about it. I think the driver for success was being vulnerable with this campaign; really taking people on the journey through transparency is ultimately what made it such a success and helped us get such momentum. 

Q: What do you wish you knew at the start of the campaign?

A: The beauty of an imperfect launch. No matter how much you plan, things won't go perfectly. We were hung up on timing, but the campaign's success came from our belief in the products, mission, and community. Being resourceful and transparent, without a strict hierarchy, contributed to the campaign's success.

Q: Do you think there's a secret recipe to getting it right in the purpose-led space? And if so, what is it?

A: The secret is in being bold with your idea. In the purpose-led space, many brands are doing great things, but getting noticed is crucial. Nailing your mission is not enough; it's about the boldness of your idea to cut through and reach the masses.

Q: With a big marketing budget, what do you believe moves the needle the most?

A: Regardless of budget size, it really does come down to the idea. Even with a big budget, without a resonating idea, the impact won't be significant. 

Q: What about small budgets? What do you believe matters most?

A: Small budgets can lead to creative and innovative solutions. The size of the budget, whether big or small, doesn't matter as much as the stickiness of the idea. Creativity and innovation in achieving goals despite limitations are key.

Q: What has been your biggest hurdle or challenge, and how have you overcome it?

A: Convincing the mainstream to buy into our idea, especially in the FMCG space with global competitors. Challenges, like being rejected by major retailers, turned into opportunities as others stepped in to support. Seeing challenges as opportunities has been crucial for us.

Q: What are you reading right now for inspiration or development?

A: The book, "Do Purpose: Why Brands With a Purpose Do Better and Matter More" by David Hieatt. It speaks to how successful brands make us feel by having a purpose beyond profit. It anchors me individually and as an organization.

Q: On your listening list, what is in your ears at the moment in terms of podcasts?

A: "The Daily Aus" for staying up to date with world events and "Huberman Lab" by Andrew Huberman for optimizing physical and mental well-being. Both contribute to personal and professional growth.

Q: Whose voices do you listen to in the purpose-led marketing space?

A: Seth Godin, for challenging conventions and thinking outside the box. Brands like ‘Who Gives a Crap’ and ‘Patagonia’, each excelling in their unique ways and always maintaining consistency in their brand experience.

Q: As a marketer, how have you responded to the changing content consumption habits in recent years?

A: We've been testing and adapting, leaning more into video. The key is to maintain the heart and humaneness of our brand, focusing on educating, inspiring, empowering, and entertaining. Despite changes in digital platforms, our core messages still resonate with our audience.

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