Why Being A B Corp Matters To Us.

Natalie Dean-Weymark


March 6, 2024

We talk to some of Australia’s best-known B Corps about what certification means.

Capital Brewing

Jonny Day, Marketing Manager

“Rather than simply being ‘for profit’, the three core elements of a B-Corp - a commitment to the planet, people and purpose - has been at the core of every decision we’ve made since we started Capital over seven years ago. We are thrilled to now be one of the 650 Aussie businesses that have those commitments enshrined in our constitution.

Achieving B-Corp certification is no easy task, it’s not handed out to anyone who applies. The average score for companies who apply is 50.9 out of 200, with carbon-neutral status awarded just 2 points. We’re incredibly proud to have achieved a score of 102.4 and with that, be able to offer our customers the knowledge that by picking up an ice-cold Capital brew from the pub, they are also investing in a positive future.”

The Body Shop 

Shannon Chrisp, Brand & Activism Director

“Our Founder, Dame Anita Roddick, wanted to start a new kind of business – one that used business as a force for good. We were certified as a B Corp back in 2019 – and since then have proudly been part of a global community of businesses that meet B Corp’s high standards of social and environmental impact. It’s how we’ve always done business. It’s in our DNA. And we’re proud to have the B Corp stamp to prove it. We are also a triple bottom line business. This means that The Body Shop views people and planet as equally as important as profit, and it shapes the way we do business - it’s profit, with a purpose. The world is facing some of the biggest challenges we’ve ever seen, and we believe businesses must play a part in solving these issues. So, we’re continuing to lead the way as a purpose-led business, balancing people, planet and profit in equal measure, being inspired by our incredible fellow B Corps along the way.”

Ben & Jerry’s 

Steph Curley, Impact & Activism Manager, Australia & NZ at Ben & Jerry's

“When our co-founders Ben & Jerry first started scooping ice cream way back in 1978, they decided that they were going to run their business differently from the companies they saw around them. They believed that businesses had a responsibility to their communities and to everyone in their supply chain. We still live those values today, and a big part of this is being BCorp certified. 

Ben & Jerry's is mostly known for our chunks and swirls, but around the world we are also known for our activism. In Australia, we focus on climate activism because of Australia's role in fossil fuel expansion, but this is only one part of our values driven business model. From taxing ourselves for our carbon and insetting this in new technology (like feeding seaweed to cows and running our factories on icecream waste), to paying an extra fairtrade premium on our cocoa, being a B Corp is part of our lifelong commitment to not just make delicious icecream, but using our business to create prosperity for everyone that's connected to our business. We do this by our business model called linked prosperity, which is why working with fellow B Corps like Compass is a natural fit.” 

Local Residential

Megan Hondromatidis​​​​, General Manager – Marketing and Communications 

"At Local, the mission matters. Being a B Corp aligns with our purpose of strengthening communities by making home a power for good, putting people and the planet at the core of everything we do. 

 As a business built on reshaping how Australians think about housing, we’re incredibly proud to be one of only seven Australian property companies to achieve B Corp status*. Being held to high standards of environmental and social performance gives us a rigorous and independent playbook, so we (and you) know when we’re on track (and when we’re not). 

As a B Corp, we’re incredibly proud to be in great company with like-minded businesses that are committed to driving systemic change, promoting sustainability, and contributing to a more equitable and sustainable global economy."
*At the time of publication 

Intrepid Travel

Sara King – General Manager of Purpose

“Since the very beginning, Intrepid has prioritised balancing profit and purpose. In 2018, we made that commitment official when we became a certified B Corporation™. In 2021, we went further, re-certifying with an even higher score from 82.7 to 91.2, and are currently in the process of recertifying again this year. To us, being a B Corp makes us accountable to being better – in the ways that matter. It's our official pledge to be a responsible business and use travel as a force for good in the world."


Angie Menghini – Sustainability Manager

"Becoming a B Corp fills us with pride, representing a significant milestone for our fashion label as we continuously strive for improvement. It aligns perfectly with our sustainability and forward-thinking values and how we operate. Collectively, our team dedicates our energy towards creating a positive impact on both people and the planet within our business and throughout our supply chain.

Joining the B Corp community signifies more than just displaying a badge on our website—it shows our commitment to driving change and redefining the role of business beyond just profit-making, placing purpose and impact at the forefront. Being a B Corp matters to Spell, as continuous improvement is essential to us in finding a sustainable balance between global production and consumption practices. That being said, the badge offers our customers assurance that they are supporting a sustainability-focused company. 

With the global B Corp community sharing a commitment to ongoing improvement, we eagerly await the changes this movement will inspire and the raised expectations it will set for businesses. 

As they say, if you want to move mountains, we have to do it together, and as a B Corp, we are excited to contribute to a movement that prioritises making a positive difference in the world."

Compass Studio

Natalie Dean-Weymark, Co-Founder + Co-Director 

“Although I would never explain Compass as a family-owned business – on-paper, we are. 

We have always felt uncomfortable with this concept as there is something inherently askew in such concentrated ownership and decision-making…so from the very beginning, we sought external, independent and audited benchmarking in which we could measure our ways-of-working, governance, policy and people management. For us, Better is in our DNA and going through the B Corp certification (and last year, re-certification!) process ensures we are measuring and focussed on our improvements as a business. 

It’s not enough to just say that you're a good business; where it counts is action and how the business prioritising Impact. Sustaining and maintaining B Corp Certifications moves that from the nice-to-have to the essentials list.” 

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