Why we are launching a podcast and why it needs to be on your essential listening list for 2024

Natalie Dean-Weymark


January 12, 2024

I’m a life-long learner type. I’m a book-marker, and a come–back-to and planning-a-think-week kinda person…the key word in that sentence is planning, I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Attention: all marketers: dedicate 20 minutes to your future work-self

As a business owner and a Mum of two small humans, time isn’t on my side. But by very considered creation, I’ve managed to engineer myself a job in which I get to have a lot of conversations that inspire me, challenge me, make me reconsider, re-learn – and just think, better. 

You see, the purpose-led space attracts a certain type of unicorn; they are the best at what they do which is why they are working for some of the most aspirational brands out there. They also have incredibly big hearts, brilliant brains and love to share what they know in the knowledge that a collective tide is going to lift all ships. 

This is why we are launching In Conversation – to share these chats; the tactics of the best brands in-market and the thoughts and wisdom of the Brand and Marketing Managers behind them. We made a very conscious decision to make this podcast focussed on marketers, for marketers – because as a Founder myself, I can comfortably say that I’m not the person actually do-ing the great work. I’m steering the ship, sure – but my team is driving. We wanted to speak with the people in the hot-seat, who are the ones tasked with the solutions, the strategy and getting it right in an ever-changing (and sometimes, complicated) purpose-led space.

We wanted to make the episodes short but sweet, just 20 minutes, so the time-commitment from you is no more than a commute. But we also wanted to ensure that the learning, insights and how-to was deep. We aren’t here for small talk. We ask our guests about what they wish they knew, how to best work with small budgets and what ROI for a big budget looks like. Who they listen to for inspiration, what they are reading and even who they keep an eye on in-market. You’ll be writing notes, sharing insights and recommendations in Slack, and most importantly, be inspired to think about your own brand marketing efforts in the year ahead. 

What I love about Season One is that every interviewee had such different responses to the questions, so the opportunity for learning, and considering a different perspective, is ample. 

I absolutely loathe the word juicy, but I guess it’s how someone else would explain the episodes…they are overflowing with goodness, wisdom, wit, know-how and inspiration. You can feel good knowing that this 20 minutes per week is dedicated to your future work and pushing it to be better. 

So, how do you get all this into your ears, you say? Subscribing to our newsletter is the best way to do so. We’ll recap the episode highlights, link to recommendations and you’ll be the first to listen to new episodes as they come out. . 

Got a recommendation for me in terms of questions, or even Season Two interviews? Let’s chat. 

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