Thankyou’s reimagined range of products

A long standing partner of Compass, Thankyou approached us to manage the relaunch of their iconic brand.

Public Relations

How we amplified impact

Thankyou is a social enterprise who exists all-for the end of extreme poverty. After grabbing headlines around the world for the brand in 2020, Compass was trusted in 2023 for the brand's relaunch — Thankyou Reimagined. The goal? Spread awareness of the new brand as far and wide as possible.

62 pieces of unique coverage

Tactically launching each element of their campaign as individual announcements, we were able to generate multiple moments that continued to build, resulting in dozens of pieces of coverage, tailored towards specific outlets and audiences.

11.2M people reached

Our coverage was seen by 11.2M people as we secured coverage in major news outlets such as the Sydney Morning Herald, Smart Company and Retail Biz.

“Compass has been an invaluable partner for Thankyou over the years,” said Daniel Flynn, Thankyou co-founder. “As part of reimagining Thankyou, we had a vision of trimming back our internal operations and focusing on the 5% our team could do better than anyone else, and highly integrating other functions that weren’t our strength to agency partners; fortunately Compass was a partner of ours years earlier, so we knew we had a trusted partner ready to take our story and products to the world. The last few years have been epic and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Daniel Flynn

Managing Director and Co-founder

Thankyou Reimagined and Relaunched in 2023. Breaking out of Australia and onto the global market. New products, new categories and new opportunities accelerate the brands mission to end extreme world poverty.

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